Frequent changes in the law, vague and inconsistent tax laws and the variability in tax authorities interpretation causes that it is difficult to minimize the tax risk associated with making many economic decisions. In order to meet your needs, our office offers a wide range of advisory services. Our employees have extensive experience (as a company we have 16 years of business experience in that field) and high professional qualifications (most services are performed by auditors). 


We employ specialists in many fields and we work closely with lawyers. Our regular co-workers are:

- A legal adviser with a doctorate in law Krzysztof Grzesiowski,
- Law Firm Andrzej Jankowski.


This allows us to offer you comprehensive services in one place. Consulting is done in both in Polish and English. 

Detailed scope of services offered:

• Advising on tax laws (income tax from legal persons, individuals, VAT, excise duties, local taxes, tax on civil law transactions),

• Advice on financial accounting (full accounting, revenue and expense ledger, flat rate)

• Advising on accounting management (establishing a chart of accounts under a given reporting, budgeting, preparation of forecasts and financial plans, settlement of costs for specific activities in various record systems),

• Advising on labor law and social insurance (including paid Social Security benefits, i.e., determination of rights and hypothetical calculation of pensions),

• Advising on the annual accounts of individuals, including the settlement of income obtained abroad,

• Organizational and legal assistance in starting up a business,

• Advising on business transformation,

• Advising on the preparation, record keeping and accounting of EU projects,

• Advice and assistance in preparing for a financial statement audit,

• Preparation of appeals from decisions of the Tax Offices and Tax Chambers and preparation of documents for the Province Administrative Court or the Supreme Administrative Court,

• Assistance in the event of an inspection by tax authorities.


The prices for our services are determined individually, taking into account the needs of each client. High flexibility allows us to reach a mutually satisfactory level of cooperation. There is a possibility for our services to be billed using an hourly fee or flat rate.


The client may choose the location and method of consulting.


In addition to advisory services we offer services in the areas of   accounting, tax records as well as personnel and payroll matters. | web design
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