To meet the expectations of entrepreneurs in order to avoid the risks associated with accounting and payroll, we can offer you services to increase your tax safety. These services can be conducted either in your accounting office or at outside accounting offices.


We draw up reports concerning the correctness of:

• settlement of tax on goods and services - (VAT),
• settlement of income taxes - corporate income tax (CIT) and personal income tax (PIT),
• draw up social security declarations,
• preparation of data packages for the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the Polish National Bank (NBP),
• accounting records,
• correctness of the Employee Benefit Fund (ZFŚS) accounts,
• correctness of the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON) calculation.


On request we also conduct audits to prevent fraud and abuse in the company concerning the turnover of cash and goods. Part of this verification service consists of checking procedures for the circulation of documents, their method of authorization and approval, the actual practices that occur in the company, analysis of weak points, and the operation of internal controls.


The inspection team consists of high class specialists from different fields, and a certified auditor supervises each team.


In addition to a single expertise, we offer you services which provide for monthly, random verification of accounting records as well as personnel and payroll records. This form enables a relatively low cost to strengthen the supervision and control functions over accounting, paying particular attention to the personal liability of Board members for compliance with the law on taxation, accounting and social security.


We also offer certification of financial statements, which allows companies to present to financial institutions or other external entities reliable financial statements, together with the expertise for their correctness.


Along with supervision services we offer consulting services and preparation of documentation required by law. | web design
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