Business valuation


Our office has extensive experience in preparing business valuations. Our clients include Nafta Polska S.A., PEC Gorzów and Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A.


We provide valuations for the purposes of:
-  Investor - the purchase or sale of the company, its shares,
- Ownership changes - mergers, divisions,
- Transformation of legal forms - for example, from a general partnership to a limited liability company, or a limited liability to a joint stock company,
- Increase in equity capital, in-kind contributions,
- Privatization processes,
- Bankruptcy - the sale of a business or shares by an administrative trustee,
- Interior - evaluation of implemented strategies and solutions as well as their impact on the goodwill.

Depending on the purpose of the valuation, the valuation method used is individually established.
Due dilligence 


At the request of a potential investor, we conduct a full analysis of the financial and legal standing of selected companies. The inspection performed shall include within its scope the economic, fiscal and legal activity of the subject entity. As part of our service we perform a detailed analysis of financial statements, financial and tax risks, assess the impact of contracts and any irregularities.

We offer an experienced team with knowledge of economics and business law. Projects of this type, are conducted by a certified auditor, and the team is composed of, inter alia, a legal adviser or lawyer.


Business plans


Planning is a fundamental process which allows making rational decisions in the company and an assessment of its objectives.  Our goal is to assist you in drawing up correct and reliable business plans, with a particular emphasis in a situation when such plans are to be presented on the outside. We have many years of experience in drawing up such plans, particularly for the purposes of:

- External financing – bank loans, loans from investment funds,
- Obtaining EU funds (we also draw up comprehensive grant applications),
- Assessing the effectiveness of investment projects,
- Feasibility study of projects.

In addition to the overall drawing up of business plans we offer advisory services when drawing up internal plans such as budgets combined with cash flow as well as conducting a ratio analysis.

Transformation and restructuring


We provide comprehensive services for the transformation and restructuring of businesses. At your request we conduct the entire process from the initial concept to transformation or restructuring, the selection of the best method in terms of finance and taxation, up to the completion of the registration process, including changes in the National Court Register, and advise on types of accounting and tax settlement processes.


We also support some of the transformation processes by:

- Verification of the transformation plans and schedules,
- Preparation and verification of a business valuation for the purpose of transformation,
- Drawing up an analysis of the legal and tax consequences of the transformation,
- Advising on the process and risks associated with it. | web design
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