Within the existing payroll department, we offer a comprehensive personnel and payroll service for your company.


This includes:
• preparation of payroll,
• preparation of personnel and payroll records for each employee,
• preparing a set of documents for Social Security,
• preparation of income tax declarations (PIT 4, PIT 11),
• National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON) declarations.

We have a certificate enabling us to make electronic Social Security declarations in the Płatnik system on behalf of the client.


Services can be performed both at our company office and outside our office. We have an experienced team of personnel and payroll specialists to ensure the highest quality services.


Besides the standard range of personnel and payroll services, we also offer:
• conducting audits of your personnel and payroll records,
• conducting audits regarding the proper management of the Employee Benefit Fund,
• preparing employment and wage regulations,
• drawing up the Employee Benefit Fund regulations,
• submitting employer and employee applications for newly formed companies,
• preparing for the employer employment and wage reports.


We also provide assistance in handling inspections of ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) and tax authorities.


On request:
• we conduct annual settlements (including for those working abroad),
• we calculate the theoretical amount of pensions,
• we help you complete documents to receive disability and pension benefits,


The prices for our services are determined individually, taking into account the needs of each client. High flexibility allows us to reach a mutually satisfactory level of cooperation.


Along with personnel and payroll services you can also take advantage of our accounting and advisory services.


For new businesses, we offer five hours of free advice on tax, accounting and social security. | web design
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